The Top 5 Best Case Trimmers Money Can Buy

If you are in the market for the best case trimmer, it can be a bit complicated to make the right choice. With so many on available on the market, it is difficult to decipher which has the best benefits. Here are five of the best; use this guide to help you make the right purchase decision. Bear in mind that none of these products are perfect, but there is more than enough information provided here to help you determine which would fit your needs the best.


1. RCBS Trim Pro-2 Kit

RCBS Trim Pro-2 Kit

This item works exactly how it is described in all of the advertisements and product materials. It is very well-made and it is quite sturdy, which means that you could have this for many years. Here are a few pros and cons:


– The universal shell holder makes it unnecessary to replace the shell holder when using different calibers.

– It is extremely easy to use. The instruction manual explained things very clearly.

– The micrometer adjuster was a welcome delight.

– The cutter is extremely sharp.


– There was no Allen wrench included with the product. Since they are not really expensive, it would be nice if they added one.

– You may have to tighten the bolts before using the product for the first time since they seem to be a bit loose.

Breakdown: This is a great product, despite a few kinks. If you are looking for a high-quality machine that can get the job done quickly, this is certainly one that you want to consider.

2. Lyman Universal Case Trimmer with Carbide Cutter and 9 Pilot Multi-Pack

Lyman Universal Case Trimmer with Carbide Cutter and 9 Pilot Multi-Pack

This is another well-made machine that is very easy to use and constructed with high-quality materials. If you are someone who is a reloader, this would be a good choice for you. One problem that many people had with this product is the fact that it is not very consistent. While it does a great job for the most part, there have been very different results when people perform identical jobs. There is also a problem with the set screws; they do not work as they should, even though they appear to be very tight.

Another thing that should be noted is the fact that this product is supposed to handle casings of all sizes. While it does just that, you will have to purchase an additional piece of equipment before you will be able to take full advantage of this. Despite these minor issues, this is certainly one of the best case trimmers on the market.

3. Hornady 50140 Camlock Case Trimmer

Hornady 50140 Camlock Case Trimmer

This offering is very accurate and the cutter is quite sharp. While it is great to use once you get the hang of it, the directions are not as simple as most would like. If you are one of those people who need a measuring device as part of your trimmer, you would be a bit disappointed, as this item is not fitted with one. You should also note that all shell holders will not fit; you must buy those offered by the brand.

Another thing that you must remember is that this machine needs to be oiled well after each use. People who were not consistent with this notice that there was a substantial amount of rust formed rather quickly. One thing that this product boasts is consistent case lengths each and every time. This is exactly why there are hordes of people out there who consider this the case trimmer available.

4. Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Trim and Prep Center System

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Trim and Prep Center System

This particular product is unique from the others because it features an adjustable collet system that works with most cases, as long as they have a shoulder. There is no need for shell holders when using this machine and the case trimming process is smooth and easy. The cutters are extremely sharp and can be used on thousands of rounds before they will begin to show any signs of wear. Many people consider this the best case trimmer because it is not disturbingly loud. It is not quiet by any means, but the noise level is perfectly acceptable for the average person.

Setting up this machine is very easy. Even those who do not have a wealth of experience with case trimmers will find this rather simple to figure out. While this is an awesome machine, make sure that you keep in mind that the machine starts to run hot after a while, which means that you should probably keep some gloves handy. Also, many people experience fatigue when cutting a very large number at the same time, but this should be expected.

5. Lyman Universal Trimmer with 9 Pilot Multi-Pack

 Lyman Universal Trimmer with 9 Pilot Multi-Pack

This adjustable machine is another solid option from Lyman. The fact that this brand has been mentioned here more than once should certainly tell you something. One thing many people were not fond of is the fact that you have to purchase a power adapter for this product, which is certainly a pain when many products come all set and ready to go. Even so, this item is extremely easy to use and very versatile, which makes up for that piece of aggravating news. You really do not need to buy the adaptor unless you plan to trim more than 100 cases at a time, so consider your needs before rushing to the store.

Many people who are not very good at measuring were not impressed with the fact that there was no way to get 100% accuracy with this machine. If your goal is to be as productive as ever, you can certainly achieve that with this trimmer.

Usage And Maintenance

Regardless of which trimmer you choose, it is important for you to make sure that you get the most out of your purchase. Here are a few tips that will ensure this.

1. While many people try to sharpen the cutter when they dull after so many uses, others forgo this step, throw out the old ones and look for something new. This may seem wasteful, but the reality is that cutters are not extremely costly. It is also a pain to sharpen cutters in some cases, so this can save you a fair amount of time.

2. Always put safety first. So many people are so focused on the accuracy of a machine that they tend to let safety take a backseat. This is not acceptable in any way. Always make sure that you are safe before you proceed – no exceptions.

3. If you have a tough time trying to get the results you are after, YouTube has a slew of how-to videos. There are bound to be several that can help you significantly.


Q – Is there a certain number of cases you can trim before you will need to sharpen the cutters?

A – This varies depending on the machine. There are some that need to be sharpened after only 50 cases have been trimmed, yet there are other that are just as sharp after trimming thousands.

Q – Will I need to purchase an adapter in order for my unit to work?

A – Not necessarily. Most units will work straight out of the box. An adapter is only 100% necessary if you are cutting large amounts of cases at the same time; over 500 or so.

Q – Is there any particular brand that dominates the market?

A – No. There are several brands out there that have solid products. You will have to find one that suits you best since they are not all the same.


As you can tell, buying a case trimmer is a pretty big deal, especially since making a bad purchase can lead to using products that are not efficient, accurate or safe. You should always do a great deal of research before buying anything like this. Of course, all of the information you have here is a wonderful place to start. It would be great if one of the items mentioned above is perfect for you, but there is always a chance that something else will be a better fit. It is your responsibility to decide which option will give you the most benefit.

This means that you cannot really rely on the opinion of one individual to help you make a purchase. Read plenty of reviews and consider all of the information presented before you head out and buy anything. Always remember that cost should not be the ultimate decision maker when you are buying a trimmer, and never forget that safety is king before all else. Hopefully, you will be able to find exactly what you need.

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