How To Find The Best FoxPro Call – A FoxPro Spitfire Review

FoxPro-CallHunting predators is far more difficult than merely setting out with a gun and shooting into the woods. It takes skill, time, patience and assistance from specific types of equipment. One piece of equipment that is highly beneficial when drawing out different types of animals is the FoxPro calling device. This device will emit a sound mimicking the animal being tracked with the aim of attracting their attention and bringing them closer to the human. Of course, finding the ideal calling item can be a daunting task as there are various factors that must be taken into consideration. Issues such as the animal being followed, the area being searched, and the individual’s personal needs must all be taken into account. This article will help reach a conclusion on which device is most suitable by providing information on some of the best FoxPro calling devices around with particular focus on the FoxPro Spitfire.


The Special Features Of The FoxPro Spitfire

FoxPro-SpitfireOne of the most impressive features of the FoxPro Spitfire device is the high-quality volume. This item features an external jack for adding an additional speaker and increasing volume to attract critters using the vast array of high-quality animal sounds including, coyotes, bobcats, raccoons, voles, and so much more. It is highly durable presenting an ABS injection-molded housing unit to protect the external horn speakers from any inclement weather. The internal speaker is controlled using an on/off slide switch.

Location of the device is important when on a hunting operation and the Spitfire is one of the most effective options around due to the fact that speakers can be controlled from remote locations. A TX-24 transmitter remote allows the user to control the on/off setting, as well as regulate the volume level and animal sound being played from a distance of over 100 yards. The sounds are stored on a MicroSD card and the TX-24 transmitter has a running time of 100+ hours off one 9-volt alkaline battery. It should be mentioned that this FoxPro calling device is able to pause audio and begin from the position where the audio was paused, unlike many other FoxPro caller options.

Additional special features of the FoxPro Spitfire include a one year manufacturer’s warranty, a tripod for speaker mounting, and a low LED pilot light display for use at night.

Top 5 Foxpro Calls – Firestorm – Spitfire reviews

1. The FoxPro FoxJack 3 Electronic Predator

 The FoxPro FoxJack 3 Electronic Predator

The FoxPro FoxJack 3 electronic predator 3D hunting decoy for caller FoxJack3 is a highly effective electronic decoy device that attaches directly to the Shockwave digital game caller. As part of the Shockwave caller, it makes over 200 types of calls and sounds exceptionally realistic; however, it is the fact that its motor is whisper quiet along with the realistic sounds that draws the animal’s attention regarding audio attraction. This is particularly useful during the night. An advantageous feature for animal attraction during the day is the woodpecker topper enticing predators visually.

Despite being very useful, this is a decoy product and will only operate when connected to the FoxPro Shockwave digital game caller using the power connector. It should also be noted that if the FoxPro FoxJack 3 electronic predator 3D hunting decoy is used during night time excursions, there is a chance that it may rub against the gun and fall. The size and weight of this product can make it difficult to carry in some situations.

2. FOXPRO Foxjack Wildfire Predator Decoy

 FOXPRO Foxjack Wildfire Predator Decoy

One of the Foxpro calls cheap devices, the FoxPro Fury digital higher performance gall call has some of the most realistic sounds and long range performances available. The high quality, crystal clear audio presented with over 100 pre-programmed animal sounds ranging from coyotes to prairie dogs; however, the majority of them are intonations of coyotes. Of course, there are additional predator call options available but these need to be downloaded from the FoxPro official website and can be very expensive.

A unique feature of the Fury caller is the type of audio files available. Not only are they highly realistic sounds, but they also mimicking an animal interaction releasing at least two different sounds at the same time. This is highly effective when calling at night or hunting large packs. Furthermore, the audio can be controlled at a distance using a TX-500 transmitter remote. Unfortunately, the audio once playing cannot be paused and will need to play until the end. The remote, despite its benefits, is also battery powered and needs NiMH batteries instead of the regular batteries. A traditional battery will last less than an hour.

3. The FoxPro Inc Inferno INF1

 The FoxPro Inc Inferno INF1

The FoxPro Inferno INF1 is one of the smaller FoxPro callers but is still able to hold its own among the bigger products. Similar to other FoxPro devices, the Inferno has at least 50 pre-programmed animal sounds which can be controlled using the feature packed remote control. This remote control is potentially one of the more beneficial aspects of this product because it is large, easy to navigate and very easy to use with the graphic design. It operates at a long range from the caller and allows for sounds to be organized according to category; however, the majority of the sounds were coyote-based.

The greatest downfall of the FoxPro Inc Inferno was the volume. While the quality of the audio was superior and the sounds were crystal clear, the maximum level of volume was nowhere near as loud as other FoxPro callers. This may be useful when hunting in small areas, but if hunting in a large desert it can be pointless with the sound drifting into the open air. The lack of maximum volume will also be a problem when in inclement weather with rain and wind overpowering the Inferno completely.

4. The FoxPro Fusion Portable Programmable Electric Game Call

 The FoxPro Fusion Portable Programmable Electric Game Call

The FoxPro Fusion portable programmable electric game call, skull camo fusion is one of the best Foxpro sounds devices if you are looking for an audio supreme. Arriving with 50 pre-programmed animal sounds and with room for hundreds more, this is one of the callers with an option of audio variety. The sounds are highly realistic and many are available ranging from coyotes to bears and owls. Unfortunately, downloading the sounds from the official FoxPro website can be costly and slightly difficult. In fact, a lot of the additional speakers to complement the Fusion’s sound are sold separately making this device costly above the initial cost.

The volume is controlled using a TX-1000 transmitter remote control and can be used from a distance; hence the term “portable”. A unique feature of the Fusion is the ability to control and regulate the pitch of the audio allowing you to fade the sound according to the need. In addition, this product also allows for two calls to be run simultaneously imitating an animal interaction increasing the reality of the sound. The remote is very easy to navigate and it operates on batteries; however, the traditional alkaline battery will expire quickly so it is recommended that rechargeable batteries be used.

5. The FoxPro Shockwave Game Call

 The FoxPro Shockwave Game Call

Unlike many other FoxPro calling devices, the FoxPro Shockwave game call is not a battery-operated option but runs on electricity. This is useful in that there is no concern of the device “running out of power” during an excursion, but if you do not charge the device the caller will not be operative at all. Fortunately, there are other features that make the type of method of operation a complete secondary factor and not worth considering until purchase. The primary aspect is mainly the volume of the caller.

Arguably, one of the best FoxPro calling devices, the Shockwave game call exceeds expectations with high quality sound blasting from all speakers in the four-speaker system. The addition of more speakers is a benefit if you are hunting in a large area needing maximum volume, but the basic speaker volume is so loud this is not really a necessity. Another benefit regarding the Shockwave’s speakers is its ability to rotate them in the direction required; in fact, it is possible to rotate them in opposite directions if needs be. This is useful when attempting to change the location for hunting and increases the realism of the animal sound.

The volume is controlled with a TX-100 remote that has a large screen with graphics making it easy to navigate. The pre-programmed sounds, 100 in totality, are easily accessible and can be stored in playlists. The audio pitch can be controlled to induce fading of the animal sounds promoting realism; as well as playing more than one sound simultaneously. Unfortunately, the sound cannot be paused. The remote, however, is battery powered and once turned on does not have a very long battery life.

While it is quite heavy, it is easy to move about and use in different locations. The Shockwave is useful in different weathers and the five year warranty ensures a strong backing policy.

How To Use The FoxPro Caller

The volume of the caller is controlled using a TX-24 transmitter remote operating off one 9-volt alkaline battery. To use this device, it is necessary to obtain this remote and ensure has the necessary battery power available for action. While the remote can control volume levels, it is only with the MicroSD card that the animal sounds will be available to the device. The audio files will be pre-stored on the card; however, they must be uploaded to the TX-24 using the upload jack presented on the side of the TX-24 transmitter.

This FoxPro calling device operates on 4 AA batteries and these must be inserted before operation can commence. Typically, alkaline batteries would be preferred as they offer 20-24 hour running time; however, this is not necessary. Furthermore, additional speakers can be attached using the external jack to improve the audio release during your endeavor. The internal speaker must be turned on using the on/off switch located on the side of the device.

The Different Benefits For A FoxPro Customer

As a FoxPro caller customer, you will typically be searching for a durable device with high-quality volume and a long running time. The FoxPro Spitfire meets the majority of these requirements and much more. As a valued customer, you can expect a calling device with superior volume mimicking a plethora of animal sounds. This is beneficial as you will be able to hunt various types of animals without having to purchase numerous callers; furthermore, the Spitfire offers different intonations for specific animals meaning you can shout, howl, and cry as a coyote if you please.

The Spitfire, as the FoxPro calling device, has an ability to be used at a distance of over 100 yards with its TX-24 transmitter remote is useful when planning excursions across fields. It helps to have the call at one end of the area with you waiting in suspense on the other. The tripod will also help in placement of the device; as well as the small size increasing the ability to hide the caller. Small size and weight can be additionally beneficial making it easy to carry.

One product fact that can be viewed as both an advantage and a disadvantage is the Spitfire operating on battery power. While an individual will have more control over a device that is battery operated; there is a chance that the battery life may end during a day out leaving the hunter without a FoxPro caller to use. It is important that the batteries be checked regularly and changed frequently. This maintenance can be costly; however, small the cost.

Final Words On The Matter

Finding the best deer call can be a very difficult task when faced with the plethora of FoxPro calling devices. By using the information above, you should be able to make an informed decision regarding which calling device is most suited to your personal needs, desires and abilities.