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Electronic-Predator-CallsTechnological advancements in the recent years have opened up a variety of choices to both experienced and beginner hunters. One of the greatest advancements is probably the emergence of electronic predator calls sounds. The rise of electronic predator calls has been quite rapid since they are not only easy to set up but also offer perfectly consistent calls each time.

With the availability of so many choices, choosing the right brand of electronic predator calls that will meet your needs and expectations has become more important than ever. Read on to learn about how to make an electronic predator call, how to choose an electronic predator call, reviews of some electronic calls, and how to maintain your predator calls.


How to Make a Best Electronic Predator Call

If you don’t have the money to spend on a factory made electronic predator call, you can make your own for a few dollars. Here are the parts you need:

  • An MP3 Player
  • Radio Shack 1/8 stereo audio cables
  • Small speaker such as an old computer speaker
  • 9 volt battery for the speaker
  • Radio Shack Mini Amplified Speaker

Step 1: Programing the MP3 Player

Browse the Internet and download the predator sounds. Once you have downloaded the predator sounds you should upload them to the MP3 player. You can also search for a free software program that you can use to mix your own sounds.

Step 2: Connecting the Cables

Into the output of the MP3 player, plug one end of the Radio Shack 1/8 stereo cable. Plug the other end into the top output of the Radio Shack Speaker (It is marked as input on the side of the speaker). Take a second Radio Shack 1/8 cable then cut it in half. Strip the ends of this cable to help you wire it to the small speaker/old computer speaker. Plug the other end into the Radio Shack Speaker’s second output, which is marked as EXIT Speaker on the side. Install the 9 volt battery in the Radio Shack Mini Amplified Speaker.

Step 3: Attaching the Speakers Together

The main reason why you are using two speakers is because the Radio Shack Mini Amplified speaker does not produce the quality and quantity of sound required since it is a cheap speaker. The role of the Radio Shack speaker is amplifying the sound from the other speaker. You can use an elastic strap for attaching the speakers together. However, don’t glue them together since it will not be possible to change the battery.

There you have it, making your own electronic predator call is as easy as following the steps above. People that used it have reported great results.

If you have the money to spend on the top predator calls possible then consider buying any of the predator calls reviewed below.

Top 5 Best Electronic Predator Calls Reviews

1. Primos Promos Dogg Catcher

 Primos Promos Dogg Catcher

The Primos Predator Calls is a highly portable and compact electronic predator call that offers great value and has easy-to-use features. The Dogg catcher is one of the best entry level electronic predator calls in the market. It is made using high quality composite molded material and is made for success even in poor weather conditions. It is a great unit for a beginner predator hunter and provides great functionality at a great price. The Dogg Catcher comes programmed with 12 different predator calls.


  • Portability: The unit weighs just 2.5 pounds and plays much louder than any mouth call. It is a light and compact call but is quite loud even in open fields.
  • Plays 2 Sounds Simultaneously: The Dogg Catcher single high-powered horn speakers deliver volume that is satisfactory for most hunts. The unit can play 2 sounds at one, which is a major benefit for both seasoned hunters and beginners.
  • 12 High Quality Calls from Randy Anderson: Randy Anderson is a big name in the hunting world. He has dozens of years of experience in predator hunting that have taught him replication of the language of coyotes.


  • The unit does not deliver exceptional sound quality

2. Primos Turbo Dogg Electronic Predator Call

 Primos Turbo Dogg Electronic Predator Call

Primos Turbo Dogg features a 25-Watt Amp horn speaker designed to reach far with immensely realistic frequencies. With the rotating speaker you will benefit from maximum sound projection over just about any terrain. All the various sounds are categorized by species such as coyote, deer, bobcat, fox, and more.

You will also enjoy a sound library that you can add to. It has the capacity to store an impressive 500 different sounds that can be placed directly via the USB port. The Turbo Dogg has a very user-friendly remote and can be operated using one hand. The Turbo Dogg is recognized as one of the best since it performs well even under windy conditions.


  • The USB Port allows for storage of over 500 sounds
  • The screen displays the list of sounds that are categorized by species such as coyote, fox, bobcat, and more
  • The remote is ideal for one-handed operation with a range of 150 yards
  • The rotating speakers allow for maximizing the sound projection over any kind of terrain


  • Users have reported failure of the remote to operate on various occasions

3. Western Rivers Game Stalker Pro Caller Combo with Decoy

Western Rivers Game Stalker Pro Caller Combo with Decoy

This electronic predator caller is one of the best predator calls in the market. It is a top-of-the-line electronic predator caller. If you are a seasoned hunter and you desire to add a great caller to your hunting gear, the Western Rivers Game Stalker Pro is exactly what you need.

The caller comes with a decoy and includes 1GB of storage capacity that holds hundreds of sounds. It comes preloaded with 400 game calls. You can download additional calls online. The remote has a 250-yard range and an LCD back light display for easy usage. The remote enables you to recall up to 10 sounds at a time and view five sounds on the screen of the remote directly. The Game Stalker Pro has twin hi-output horn speakers and you can change sounds remotely from the right to the left speakers.


  • The dual output speakers produce good quality of audio and good volume
  • The unit comes with its own decoy and the decoy jack is included
  • The unit has an LCD screen for manual operation
  • The unit comes preloaded with 400 sounds of a wide variety of different species
  • The unit has a limited lifetime warranty
  • The unit comes in a rugged carry case for easy transportation and protection of the caller from damage


  • The decoy tends to use up batteries fast
  • The battery holder is hard to get in

4. Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call

Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call

The Alpha Dogg is considered one of the predator call and for good reason. It is a unit with 180-degree rotational speakers for precise predator calling that circulates the surroundings.

The unit comes with a completely ergonomic remote that offers full-color display along with a highly user-friendly layout. You have no room for complicated guesswork since the unit stores 75 different sounds along with 6 complete hunt sequences.

The Primos Alpha Dogg is powered by 25-Watt speakers free of any type of distortion and any predator hunter will find it amazing. The remote is very easy to use and functions at a very quick pace with a range of 200 yards. All the sounds have been remastered digitally to ensure that calls maximum realism.


  • The Alpha Dogg produces crisp, clear, and loud calls all thanks to the distortion-free speakers
  • The Alpha Dogg has 4 expert hunt sequences with plenty of different sounds
  • The Primos Alpha Dogg has 64 different calls with the option of adding your own calls if you so wish
  • The proven hunt calls are capable of getting any predator in


  • The speakers on the Alpha Dogg may have some problems from time to time

5. Hunters Specialties Johnny Stewart Executioner Electronic Predator Wildlife Call

 Hunters Specialties Johnny Stewart Executioner Electronic Predator Wildlife Call

It is said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. However, this electronic predator call is so sophisticated that it is simple. From a top brand in authentic wildlife sounds Johnny Stewart executioner delivers amazing quality sound and is very user friendly.

The unit offers 3 calling modes: Standard, Sound Shuffle, and Custom Sequence as well as 100 sounds with 16 sound presets on the base and 16 sound presets on the remote. You can play 2 sounds simultaneously using this electronic call.

The Executioner’s remote has a range of about 300 yards while the unit includes integrated GPS. It can operate both 24bit and 32 bit audio formats and comes with an internal storage capacity of 4GB. You can adjust the volume selection of 0-50 while the unit is in mute. The base and keypad have an LCD display with stand timer, real-time clock and power save. You can add your own sounds.


  • The Executioner has great volume and produces high quality sounds
  • The remote has an amazing range
  • The unit has a wide variety of sounds
  • It has an impressive 4GB internal storage capacity
  • You can play two sounds simultaneously


  • It can be challenging to reprogram the sounds to put your own

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Things to Consider When Buying a Cheap Predator Call

1. Speakers and Sound Quality

The quality of sound your predator call produces determines how quickly your game will show up and move towards your trap. Good callers produce clear, crisp, and loud sounds and never produce distortions.

2. Sound Library

A good electronic predator caller should have a good collection of recorded sounds in the sound library that are easily accessed via remote. A good electronic caller should also have the option to add your own sounds.

3. Ease of Use (Remote)

The electronic caller’s remote is one of the most important components. It should thus have a screen either LED or LCD and an easy-to-use control layout. It should also have a good range.

4. Design

A good electronic predator call should be portable and lightweight. It should have a rugger speaker case covered with camouflage coating. It should also have a tripod mounting with elevated legs for stability and mounting. The batteries should also be easy to replace.

5. Durability

A good electronic call should be made of durable material as well as long-lasting battery life.

How To Use A Predator Sound – Predator Hunting

Predator-HuntingWhile the prevalence of electronic calls has made it possible for anyone to become a good predator caller with the push of a few buttons, it is good to understand how to use predator calls appropriately.

Volume: Avoid using too much volume with your electronic calls since it can ‘blow out’ animals which are close and make the critters that are coming in more cautious. Start out at a quarter volume or even less. This is enough to call in the close ones.

Programming Your Electronic Caller: You should learn all the different sounds your call can produce so that you can operate it to its full potential. You should also learn the volume settings necessary to simulate sounds of a weakling call. Finally, you need to know how to program your electronic call for different animal distress calls.

Maintenance of Your all Predator Calls

1. Avoid Moisture: As you probably already know, electronics and moisture simply don’t mix and the electronic predator call is no exception. Ensure that you always inspect your unit for any signs of moisture.
Moisture can lead to corrosion, rust, and electrical shorts that can damage your unit and void your warranty.

2. Removing Memory Prior to Storage: If you don’t have plans to use your electronic call for a long time, remove the memory card to avoid damage.

3. Store It In A Dry Location: Keep your unit in a dry place to ensure that it does not draw moisture.

4. Keep It Clean: Since the electronic predator call is normally used outside, dirt is to be expected. However, you need to take some moments after each hunting session to clean it up. Remove any dirt, debris, leaves, or sticks since any foreign objects can cause problems further on.


A great electronic predator call has the ability to improve your game and make it possible for you to hunt a diverse collection of predators. Remember to follow the tips discussed in this article to find the best electronic call, buy a good electronic call and care for your electronic call. If you lack the money you can still use the tips discussed in this article to make your own electronic predator call.

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