Best Range Bags on the Market

Whether you are a weekend shooter or serious competitor, you need the best range bag to tote your pistols, ammunition, and rifle supplies.

Sure, you could use a tackle box or use a shooters backpack to stock your gun cleaning kit, accessories, and first aid. But a good stocked bag is essential and they dont cost a lot of money.

We take the guesswork out and compile reviews of the top rated range backpacks and bags. You may also want to consider using a backpack with MOLLE.


1. Blackhawk Sportster Deluxe Range Hunting Bag

Blackhawk Sportster Deluxe Range Hunting Bag

BlackHawk makes quality products, and the Deluxe Sportster model is no different.

It has a lot of room at 16x8x9 inches and a lot of compartments. The sections are cushioned, which makes it great if you have multiple pistols you are taking to the shooting club.

It is a range bag with pistol cases that can be removed.

Amazon reviewers like this bag because it can house a lot of tools, which is beneficial if you are trying to zero in the scope on your rifle.

The shoulder strap can be adjusted, which should be long enough to fit the majority of peoples height. Thats a benefit when you are tall.

The material is 600 Denier Polyester, which works well if you need a pistol range bag.

The zippers are heavy duty.

What to look for when buying a shooters backpack

You want a high quality range bag that will last for years. Your items are expensive and need to be able to stand getting moved around.

Size matters: You will be putting a lot of stuff in your backpack and you want to get a large size range bag for a pistol or rifle that has a lot of room.

But you also want to make sure that bag is comfortable to carry. Remember, a shooters backpack that is loaded with ammo, tools, and a couple guns is going to be heavy. The material needs to be strong.

Nowadays, manufacturers partition off interior segments that divide everything. Theres nothing worse that having one large compartment and then tossing everything into that, which causes a gun stew.

The overall size of your bag will depend on they type of guns you bring to the range. If you are toting a pistol to the club every few weeks, you wont need as much as the guy who brings his two rifles and pistol every week.

2.Glock Perfection AP60219 4-Pistol Nylon Range Bag

Glock Perfection AP60219 4-Pistol Nylon Range Bag

As a recreational shooter, many Amazon reviewers rate the Glock range bag for 4 pistols as a favorite. This top rated gun range backpack will fit 1-2 handguns comfortably and has a separate compartment for tools, ammo, accessories, and shooting ear protection, whether muffs or earplugs.

Four handguns, which it advertises as fitting, is too many in this bag, according to customer reviewers on Amazon and YouTube. Reviewers say its a good bag but note that it will not comfortably fit that many pistols, supplies, and 400 rounds of ammo.

The inside compartments are all padded and removable. This is a cool feature. You can put a handgun in an inside compartment, and it will stay safe with the cushioning and the compartment then can be removed.

The material is heavy, and the zippers and teeth are heavy duty. A good, strong zipper is loud, and thats how reviewers note them as being on this Glock range bag.

Whats in your shooting range bag?

You should make sure your firearm is covered in a case or backpack before transporting it to the shooting club. You dont want to walk in the front door sporting a handgun. Keep it covered.

Pack hearing protection. Seriously, I dont care how manly you are. Guns create a loud boom, which is at least 140 decibels.

I know many of your buddies forget theirs but do yourself a favor and get a good set of electronic muffs and/or a good set of in-ear protection. Drugstore plugs just dont cut it.

Range trauma bag first aid kit supplies

Although Ive never had to use a first aid kit at the club, I do have one in my bag.

The kit has gloves, decompression needle, Band-aids, saline, tourniquet, gauze, chest seal, and pressure dressings. I work in healthcare so I may have a little more than a standard kit of Band-aids.

Spare parts

A small parts kit can be beneficial and can solve many common issues you might have during your shooting session.

I like to use a small plastic clear tackle box for parts. It fits in the backpack nicely.

Gun cleaning kit

I keep an Otis kit in my bag. Its small enough for a quick cleaning and has no rod but a snake-like wire.


A good multi tool is essential to have in your range bag. These tools can fix just about anything.

I also like to bring a miniature screwdriver, which has flat and Phillips heads; hex and Torx wrenches; along with a 9/32 punch.

Padded pistol sleeves

I like to use a padded pistol sleeve to house my gun when I go the range rather than put it in a holster. I use the sleeve and then place the handgun into a compartment into my range bag.

Targets and supplies

For whatever reasons, everybody wants to go the club but doesnt bring supplies to set the target up.

A stapler, staples, push pins, patching tape, tan, and black pasters are all in my bag.

Other stuff

Sunscreen: Im not too keen on skin cancer.

Snacks and water: A little snack here and there can do good for your match at the range. Its best to get snacks that are stable and wont melt in the hot sun.

Also, not every club has a water spigot. After you shoot in 100 degree heat and realize theres no water around, youll appreciate packing water.

Writing supplies: I like to bring a pen, sharpie, and a notepad.

I can take notes and mark targets.