What is the Best MOLLE Backpack on the Market?

Question: I want to find the best MOLLE backpack for camping, hiking, and deer hunting. I want a large heavy duty tactical pack with lots of pockets and webbing for attachments. I like to be organized but have a lot of gear to stow. Heres the research I did.

MOLLE is also known as modular lightweight load carrying equipment, which features a web of nylon stitched on the outside of the pack for adding pouches and attachments.

For civilian use, a good hiking pack may be all thats needed because MOLLE attachments may snag on brush while hiking down dense single-track.


1. Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

 Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

The Condor 3 Day Assault Pack is much larger than the 5.11 Tactical Mil-Tec bags reviewed in this article and measures 22x17x11. It is 3038 cubic inches or 50 liters.

With that much cubic inches, theres plenty of room in the main compartment for gear and modern amenities, like a laptop. The side pockets are big big enough to keep a Nalgene bottle and the bottom attachment is perfect for a tent.

As an assault bag, it does what its suppose to with all those pockets: Be durable and keep everything organized. Its perfect for those who are OCD.

But it also serves equally well as a hiking bag because it stores a lot of gear and does so comfortably.

It features padded shoulder straps, along with a padded hip belt. The hip belt is adjustable and has load-adjusters, which redistributes the weight on your hips and helps with fitting the pack to your body. Theres also a sternum strap.

There are loop straps, D-rings, and webbing for additional attachments.

The zippers are sturdy and are double-pull.

Condors bag features good stitching and has drag handles, which makes it easy to carry it as a bag rather than on your back.

2. Mil-Tec Military Army Patrol Molle Assault Pack Tactical

Mil-Tec Military Army Patrol Molle Assault Pack Tactical

The Mil-Tec Military Army Patrol Molle Assault Pack has two different primary compartments, with two pockets in the front.

It has a 36-liter capacity, with dimensions measuring 20.1×11.4×11.1. Theres plenty of room for clothes, gear, a few MREs for the trip and your earplugs to protect your ears.

Mil-Tec provides two-way zippers, which are sturdy. The straps and webbing increase the versatility and expandability of the unit.

Although the pack has and adjustable hip belt, a chest/sternum strap would make it better.

However, the straps are padded; the shoulder straps feature loops and D-rings.

The material is PVC coated 600D polyester, which makes it water-resistant.

Weight is about 3 pounds.

3. 5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Back Pack

 5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Back Pack

The 5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Back Pack has 16 different storage compartments, with the main one measuring 18x11x6.5.

It has a 21-liter or 1296 cubic inch capacity, which is plenty of room for a change of clothes and gear.

Despite being a tactical bag, most reviewers on Amazon note using as an everyday carry pack some list it as the best EDC backpack on there.

For instance, they list putting their laptop, binders, pens, phone, and gym clothes in it and use it for work.

The Rush pack does feature stout, self-repairing zippers and is made of a durable nylon, which is water resistant.

The weight of the pack is about 3 pounds.

There are also adjustable sternum and compression straps, which should make it adjustable and comfy while hiking.

What is the best large MOLLE pack on the market?

Most people dont need the best assault backpack for hiking or camping because that style pack is designed for people who need extreme organization.

A hiker needs a pack that holds a lot of gear but is comfortable for the long haul, which is a different requirement than a tactical pack or a range bag that needs ammo, ear plugs or muffs, and other range items.

Answer to my original question: I ended up with a Condor Compact Assault Pack because of functionality and price and dont regret it.

MOLLE Backpacks – The Backpack For a Tough Soldier

If you want to go hiking or you are passionate about exploration, one of the best options would be a sturdy, high-qualitybackpack. But what can you do when you need something even better than that? What if you need good military backpacks that deliver comfort as well as durability in one simple package? Then you need to focus on purchasing a MOLLE Backpack, as here you get all those features and so much more!

Why do you need the MOLLE Backpack?

The MOLLE Backpack models are designed with a real focus on modular lightweight load carrying equipment units. The fact that they are modular is very impressive and you will always get to have a rather distinct and unique experience all the time while using them.

However, even if there is a resurgence in the amount of civilians using it, the reality is that this is the current type of rucksack that military units use. It was first implemented in 1977, but it has gradually evolved into a very sturdy and robustunit that everyone likes and enjoys. The primary focus for this unit is gear attachment.

Plus, its modularity tends to deliver an excellent set of results. It shows that there is a lot of value and quality to be had there. Plus, there are multiple components for each MOLLE Backpack. This includes a multitude of modular pouches, a tactical assault panel, the rucksack on its own and modular pouches. All of this manages to bring in front all the tools you need to bring in front incredible results.


One of the primary things to note about MOLLE Backpack is that they are magnificent in regards to durability. They do bring in front an excellent durabilityoption, and they deliver a really good build quality. This is exactly what makes them so durable in the first place, the fact that they are 100% focused on quality and attention to detail. It’s imperative for a tactical and military backpack like this to last for a very long time, and thanks to the way it’s sewn and how it works, this really is maybe the best product on the market in this regard.

Depending on what MOLLE Backpack model you choose, you will be able to get some dedicated helper tools like a heavy duty carry handle, a reinforced shoulder strap and side strap, waist belt and a heavy duty carry handle. All of these do tend to make the backpack sturdier, and you just get to have a better set of results in the end.


What type of materials are usedfor creating a MOLLE Backpack? Depending on the model, you will see that it’s a combination of multiple rows of webbing made out of reinforced nylon and a multitude of other materials, such as plastic and sometimes even cotton. However, reinforced nylon is by far the most prevalent material and for an excellent reason. It lasts for a very long time and it works very well against a multitude of potential challenges, so it’s a very good idea to use it to provide more life to the unit.

This material also adds in plenty of versatility. The great thing here is that the model is very easy to stitch into the vest and that does help you quite a lot. Most MOLLE Backpacks tend to have this type of material, both the classic and new ones.


Most MOLLE Backpack models are designed to be very easy to carry around and use. Since this is a type of model suitable mostly for military users, it has a very robust internal framework, and at the same time, it also manages to offer good ventilation.

At the same time, every MOLLE Backpack comes with a multitude of zippers that are very easy to operate. These have high impact plastic clips. So, unlike other types of zippers, they will last in the long run without any issue. It’s crucial to focus on this, and you will be quite impressed with the way things pan out here.

They also added elastic keepers that are attached at the end of all straps too. As you can imagine, the idea here is to allow you to lock in at the desired length with little to no effort. This is very handy, and it does help you get the right fit without having to deal with any major challenge. You have to note that the great thing about this type of unit is the internal pocket organization.

You just get to organize your stuff inside without having to go through a lot of effort. It’s just easier to do, and the value as a whole is better than what you would expect. You have enough space for smaller items, but you can also handle the larger items just as easily.

Some MOLLE Backpack models have an emergency whistle buckle on the front traps and a water bladder. Things like these manage to bring in front more versatility and uniqueness to the unit, so you will be quite impressed with the way things turn out!


As you can see, each MOLLE Backpack is created with quality and professionalism in mind. It delivers a lot of quality and value, but at the same time, you will like the great finish and modular capabilities. Even if it was designed mostly for military use, its great features and durability make it more and more popularamongcivilian users as well. Some of the models are great cameo units, while others are focused more on delivering plenty of storage space.

The interior pocket organization is also pretty incredible for each MOLLE Backpack. You easily get to manage every item you need to carry as you see fit. This makes transporting any item with your backpack fast and easy. Plus, MOLLE did everything in order to remove any potential strain from your muscles. There’s even ventilation, so your back won’t get too hot when you carry the unit.

Overall, using a MOLLE Backpack is one of the best ideas at this time. It looks amazing, and it manages to bring in front an incredible set of results. If you want a quality backpack, you should totally get one from MOLLE Backpack, as they do bring in front a superb quality!