Why use the best single pin bow sight on the market?

There are many different things that can ruin a shot during a bow hunt. Distance, accuracy, and animal movement come to mind.

But another common reason that a hunter misses a bow shot could be because of multiple sight pins. That begs the question: Why is the best single pin bow sight a option, then?


1. Simple vs complex

Most archers use a compound bow that is fit with multiple sights. While it seems convenient to have more than one sight marker for range, it can actually make the firing process a bit more complicated.

Multi pin sights obscure a portion of your view. They become a blindspot in your sight, which could increase the amount of time needed to get the shot and result in a missed opportunity.

Using the wrong pin sight on your prey will cause you to overshoot or undershoot your target.

Example: The 20, 30, and 40 yard pins are pretty close. If your vision is not as good as it use to be, it can be a little challenging to select the right one when you have a target visible.

There is nothing worse than missing an open shot during a hunt. A bow and arrow set with one pin sight is much simpler to fire.

Theres nothing to think about when using a single pin bow sight. You simply have to draw your arrow, aim, and release.

A single sight pin is much more reliable and easier to set up as well. Nonetheless, you should check and set your sights before each hunt. This process is much quicker when you only have one sight to worry about.

2. Practice

In most cases, the single sight should be set for 20 yards. This is a good range to practice firing arrows, and its also the perfect range for hunting. Shooting a bow that is equipped with one sight pin will allow you to use instincts. Using more than one sight pin may cause you to think too much about your shot.

Most experienced hunters will tell you that thinking about your shot is never a good thing. Instead, you should see your target, estimate the distance, and then fire. Having multiple sight pins on your bow will cause you to momentarily stop and think about which sight to use. The firing process will be thrown off by a split second, and that could cause you to miss your trophy buck.

3. Going long: Calibrate

Some people might be wondering how to use a single sight pin for further distances than the sight is set to. Luckily, its not that hard to solve this dilemma.

First of all, there are many bow sights that come equipped with a range calibrator. This type of sight will allow you to adjust the distance of your shot by turning a knob to the estimated yardage. With this device, there is simply no need for multiple sight pins.

Of course, firing an old school bow with one sight pin at different yards can be difficult at first.

Practice makes perfect, and you will soon learn how to adjust to different distances. For example, if your sight is set at 20 yards, but the target is 30 yards away, you simply have to aim higher than normal. You may miss your first few shots, but you will learn how to reach further distances by offsetting your bow.

4. Convenience

Another reason for switching to a single pin bow sight is for convenience. As mentioned before, using three or more sights at once can get confusing, but theres more to it than that.

Imagine that your dream buck has just walked in front of you. Its about 40 yards away, and its moving slowly to the east. You pick up your bow, and you aim down the sight of the second sight pin which has been calibrated for 40 yards. You fire your arrow, but your shot is way above the target. This has happened to a number of hunters on many different occasions, and its not all that uncommon.

Bow sight pins can be dislodged from their set positions rather easily. A light drop of your bow can offset of your sights. Lets face it, many of us have accidentally dropped our bows during a hunting trip. If this happens to you, youll be required to reset each individual sight pin on your bow. If one sight pin is off, your shot will be off.

Weigh the pros and cons of using a good single pin bow sight for hunting
At the end of the day, there are positives and negatives to both styles of aiming. However, mastering the art of aiming down one sight pin will allow you to shoot without thinking. You will simply see your target, aim down the sight, and then release the arrow.

Of course, youll need to master this type of shooting at different ranges. It can be tricky at first to estimate the necessary arc for a target that is not in your single sight pin range. But, practice makes perfect, and it wont be long until you become a true master of the single sight pin aiming method.

Every bow hunter has his or her own way of doing things. However, everyone should hunt using a single pin bow sight at some point in their life. Why not give it a shot?