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Dog-SuppliesA good hunting outing can turn into a great one with a well trained hunting dog. Your hunting dog is your eyes and ears in the field, seeing where you can’t, hearing what you can’t. You’ll end up relying on your hunting dog more than you think. A hunting dog doesn’t become a hunting dog overnight, however. Proper training is needed to get your dog in the shape needed to be an asset out in the field. It doesn’t take much work at all, and when the training is over with, your dog will be ready to help you make the most of your hunt. Getting the right hunting dog supplies is definitely part of it.

Dogs have to be introduced to gunfire; it’s not something they react to in a positive fashion when it’s first encountered. Therefore, it’s not such a good idea to take your hunting dog before you’ve introduced gunfire around him. The dog needs to be desensitized to gunfire first so he won’t be as jumpy when you’re out shooting at your targets. Buying a starter pistol that fires blanks and using it around your hunting dog at first to get him used to the sound of gunfire is the most effective way to reduce gun shyness. There are several types of starter pistols available as hunting dog supplies.

Using training scents will not only teach your hunting dog what a duck or quail smells like, but also how to distinguish it from other types of animals that you’re not hunting. What you don’t want while hunting is for your hunting dog to go wandering off after game that you haven’t killed. A few drops of training scent will teach your dog what scents to follow the most. Doing so increases your chances of getting the type of hunting hauls to be proud of. Training scents are part of hunting dog supplies as well.

Electronic collars are another useful hunting dog tool. If you only want your hunting dog to roam in a certain finite space, training dog collars make for great hunting dog supplies. The collars give the dog free movement up to a certain radius limit. It allows you to keep track of your dog, even when he’s not entirely visible to the naked eye. Retriever dummies can get your dog into the habit of picking up game with his teeth softly as opposed to destroying it by biting down too hard. These are just a few of the ways dog owners can increase the obedience and assistantship factor of their dogs using hunting dog supplies.

It can take some significant hunting dog training to prepare a dog for a successful hunt. Whether you are training a coon hound to tree a raccoon or focusing on retriever training for shooting, the right training products will allow you to properly prepare your dog for any situation. Your dog needs to be at the top of his or her game in order to provide you with a successful hunt. It will benefit you to do some research on the most popular brands of gun dog training supplies so that you can make a list of the tools and supplies that you most need to acquire prior to going out.

Some of the most popular hunting dog training supplies available commercially are available through Avery Sporting Dog, Dokken Dog Supply, SportDog and similar companies. It will ultimately be up to you to decide which supplies will best meet your needs, but read reviews from other people engaging in retriever training and similar practices to see what is working for them. This is the best way to choose a training collar, a bird launcher and other types of training supplies like training dummies without having to go through trial and error beforehand.

Choosing products offered by industry leading companies when buying hunting dog training supplies is always a smart idea. Make sure that you follow the directions on these items so that you are using them properly when training your dog. Retriever training has to be done in a specific way to be effective. Gun dog training, for example, requires that your dog be comfortable with gunfire in order to be an effective hunting dog. Make sure that you train your dog properly for the best results.

Training your dog early through hunting dog training, and utilizing the right supplies in the process, are two essential parts of preparing your hunting dog for the sport. Having the right supplies, such as dummies and launchers, training collars, training whistles and training tools, is going to go far in ensuring that your dog is properly trained and completely prepared to do well on a first hunt. Whether you are just getting started in hunting with a dog or trying to sharpen your dog’s skills, the right tools can really make all the difference. Make a list of the supplies you need and choose top brands and tried-and-true products for effective results.

A bird dog is a type of dog used for hunting and retrieving birds and small game. In fact, the term “bird dog” is used to refer to types of hunting dogs or gun dogs. These dogs are equipped with a sensitive noise that allows them to sniff the air for the scent of certain animals so they may track and retrieve them. Bird dogs gain a lot of enjoyment from hunting birds. Although these dogs are easily trainable, they require a firm, yet gentle hand, and the proper training tools to do the job the right way. A trainer can turn a good bird dog into a fantastic bird hunter.

Dogs that commonly fall under the bird dog category include the Brittany, English setter, German shorthair, Red setter, and various other pointing dogs. Along with general walking and running exercises required to keep the dog fit and healthy, a bird dog should also be exposed to water. Birds love water and your dog will need to know how to hunt and retrieve birds out of the water. It is recommended that you give your dog pre-season training to prepare them for actual hunting season. A dog will simply seem high strung and unfocused without the proper training.

Bird dog training supplies can make training much easier. Training supplies often include a training check cord. Check cords allow the trainer to teach the dog, especially during the puppy stage. The cord acts as a leash so the trainer can teach the puppy to come on command and retrieve all the way back to the hand. A dummy launcher of some kind can send dummy birds into the air to teach the dog to stop, look, and flush the bird. This is a crucial step toward training your bird dog since you do not want to frighten the birds, causing them to fly off into the air.
Retriever dummies work very well as far as bird dog training supplies go. Many retriever dummies look just like water fowl. You can put these dummies out in the water to teach your dog to retrieve birds from the water. A dead fowl dummy actually resembles an already dead water fowl. These dummies are particularly useful when you need to teach your bird dog to retrieve the bird properly. A dog will often want to shake the bird once it is retrieved. Discourage your dog from this behavior with the proper training and training supplies for successful hunting and retrieving.