Educating the Whitetail Deer Hunter

Whitetail-Deer-HunterThe Whitetail Deer hunter in most states needs to pass a hunter education program and or other related programs offered by the state. These programs educate hunters about firearm safety, hunting ethics and responsibilities, safety skills, survival skills, map and compass reading, and wildlife ways.

Hunter Education courses and continually learning skills about deer hunting will make you better states Department of Natural Resources or Fish and Game Division. Each year these departments publish new laws and regulations pertaining to all hunting within that state. They also publish a lot of information about educating hunters. Many times they will list approved classes pertaining to hunter education. With a listing of where and when classes are taught. If they don’t list specific education classes for hunters, they will have phone numbers and a web site address that you can link to for information. Look in the index of your states hunting regulation handbook for this.


Certification My Be Required

Some states and Canadian provinces also require a bow hunter certification course be completed for archery deer hunting. This certification is required before a whitetail deer hunter can hunt with archery equipment. Many states also offer hunter educating clinics concerning specific game that a hunter may want to hunt; such as deer, moose, bear, turkey and waterfowl.

Young Deer Hunters

In Minnesota, all youth must meet certification and license requirements before obtaining a firearm hunting license. A potential deer hunter born on or after 1 January, 1980 must complete and have a Firearms Safety Certificate, or a previous hunting license that has a valid firearms safety indicator or evidence of completing (successfully) an approved hunter safety class to obtain a deer hunting license. New deer hunters will also benefit tremendously from taking an Advanced Hunter Educational Program. Even us seasoned deer hunters should consider these classes for refresher training. We may even learn new tips on sharpening our deer hunting skills. Firearms safety must be taken seriously. As responsible whitetail deer hunters, we have no choice but to educate ourselves, and be totally familiar with the weapons we hunt with. Accidents can and do happen. We need to practice situational awareness. There is no excuse for not knowing where your weapon is pointed and what could happen if it was to discharge. A good hunters educational program will go a long way towards preventing a accident.

Not all states are the same when it comes to the age and trusted abilities of young hunters. I believe that all states require young deer hunters to successfully complete a hunters/firearm safety course before allowing them to purchase a hunting license in that state. States honor other states hunting safety programs that have certification for it. Check with each individual state for specific regulations and fallow all game laws.

Not all states are alike when it comes to what age a young deer hunter can purchase a deer hunting license. States differ on what age a young hunter can hunt with a parent or guardian, and when they are required to successfully complete a firearm/hunter safety course. Fallow this link for state by state information concerning age requirements for young deer hunters.

Experienced whitetail deer hunters need to help our young and upcoming deer hunters. We need to take every opportunity possible to introduce and mentor young people in the safe sport of deer hunting.

Zack’s First Buck with Bow

Emma’s First Deer Remember your first hunting experience and try to improve on it with a young new deer hunter, boy or girl. We need to introduce more women into the sport of deer hunting and work to make hunting experience safe, fun, comfortable, and enjoyable. For a new young hunter’s first experience; do not bring a new young hunter into the woods, in the cold dark of night (to them it is still night out), drop them off at a remote stand site, and tell them “sit here, don’t move, and I’ll be back after it gets dark tonight”. If that young new deer hunter does not see or shot their first deer that day; we may have lost them for as deer hunter’s forever. Keep it enjoyable and comfortable for new youth hunter’s. Stay with them and don’t allow this new deer hunter to get bored. Even if it means leaving a great stand site for a while. Get down from your stand site and teach this new hunter something; how to read deer sign, trails, droppings, rubs, scrapes, mock scrapes, bedding areas, food sources, and so on. Keep it interesting, they will then have a lifetime of hunting activities to get bored, cold and disappointed.

Continuing Education

A whitetail deer hunter’s education doesn’t stop there. We can all learn a new thing or two about hunting deer. As whitetail deer hunters, we make mistakes while hunting. If we don’t pay attention to the wind, we may see the sign; a whitetail’s flag (tail) waving good-by. Let’s face it, to a trophy deer – we stink! If we, as a whitetail deer hunter, make noise that is un-natural to a trophy deer, what happens? That’s right, there’s your sign! A deer hunter may cross an open field because it’s easier to walk across it then to sneak around it quietly. Now, if a big buck is bedded on the opposite field edge and spots you, what happens? That’s right, there’s your sign again. You got busted, and I guarantee you that trophy deer has just been hunter educated. And you know what, the older the deer, the longer he will remember that experience.

Hunters Knowledge

No one whitetail deer hunter knows everything about whitetail deer hunting or should think they do. A hunter’s education never ends. We need to keep an open mind and learn from each other and learn from our mistakes.
Learn as much as you can about the game you plan to hunt. In our case, it is the whitetail deer. Learn about the history of hunting these magnificent animals. Educate yourself about the biological aspects of deer and how it affects what they do. Learn why whitetail deer do what they do. When you start to understand a whitetail’s daily needs and how it pertains to their environment, you will increase your odds of harvesting that trophy deer you have dreamed of. You may be asking, “How do I get this hunting education?” Well you have a good start by reading and studying this web site. Keep coming back for more information and a broader hunting education. This web site is by nowhere complete. It will take years and will be continually updated with more and new information that deer hunters can use and take with them to their hunting camps. In fact, I will offer an e-book in the near future on this web site about deer hunting. This e-book will offer much more information that will benefit the new, and the seasoned deer hunter. You will be able to download it onto your computer or laptop and take it with you to your deer hunting camp for reference. If wanted, you could print it out on your own printer at home. Please come back often for updates and more information about this e-book.

Educational Outlets

There is also a wealth of information about deer hunting in magazines, books, videos, and on TV. Go to seminars at deer hunting shows. Ask questions and take notes. Talk to a conservation officer. Pick his or her brain about deer, their habitat, and why they are where they are. They get paid to help you, and they will. Bring a youth deer hunter to a conservation field office headquarters. Ask for hunting informational handouts. Ask about public hunting lands; they may even have maps for you. If they do, ask for suggestions on where to hunt. It doesn’t hurt to get part of your deer hunting education in this way. It may even save you many years of frustration and disillusionment.

Hunting Safety

There is a lot of good safety equipment on the market. Use it. If you climb a tree and hunt from a tree stand; use a full body harness and secure you to the tree. Yes it will take a little time to do this and there is a monetary cost to it. But, what is the alternative? Falling out of a tree 10, 15, 20 feet or more will definitely alter your lifestyle, infringe on your time and may be quite expensive. Please take care of yourself when you are deer hunting. Always, I mean always think about situational awareness and how it pertains to your safety. Also; hunting has no place for alcohol and or drugs. You need to keep a clear mind. Your family depends on it. Good luck deer hunting.