Cutco Hunting Knife Reviews – 5 Reasons to Buy It

Cutco-Hunting-KnifeHunting is a very charming sport, which entails a lot of adventure, especially when in the woods. To fully enjoy your hunting experience, you will need a perfect hunting gear. Besides having the right attire that will endure through the rough environment, you will need the right equipment. One of the most palpable hunting equipment is a knife. When it comes to a hunting knife, the type and quality matters a lot, and above all, the brand will matter too. As a matter of fact, the brand matter in every product, despite the usage of the product. Cutco is a prominent American company best known for manufacturing knives. For that, if you get yourself a Cutco hunting knife, you are sure of having reliable equipment with you. The quality of the knife and services offered by Cutco, makes them a diverse selection of knives that will serve you as you expect.

The Cutco knife is one piece of equipment that will give you the best service when you are on your tour in the woods. The knife is known to be light enough, to offer resilience when using it. The edges are special in a way that they will cut through any tough object easily. This knife also has a sturdy grip as you cut through the tough objects. The knife also has the ability to last for long, which is specially built for the rough environment.


Features of Cutco Hunting Knife

• The Blade

The blade of this knife is 4 inches long, which is rustproof. This helps you to be able to cut objects without any pressure. The blade is long enough to cut easily through stuff, and it isn’t too long that can cause injuries. The material is made to be able to stand harsh climates and watery environment, so you won’t expect to see any rust, anytime soon.

• The Grip

The grip measures 4 inches, big enough to fit in your palm. The grip of the knife is rugged, to reduce the friction, and it will come in black or orange color. The grip will also hold the fingers in place and let you control it easily. The material used for the grip is Kraton, which is a great material in a wet or dry environment.

• The Edge

The cutting edge of this knife is what makes it stand out of the other hunting knives. The edge is a Double D edge, which gives you a smooth and clean cutting through the tough objects. It also has 3 dug in flat cutting edges that contribute to the sharpness of the knife for a long time. This quality makes it to stay sharper for a longer time, compared to the standard, straight cutting edge.

• The Sheath

The knife will come with a leather sheath that is black in color and it has a belt loop. You can therefore carry your knife around and be sure of using it in a reliable way. The loop lets you put it on your belt, besides your hip, which also allows you to take it out and return it back in a comfortable way.

Pros of the Knife

• Easy to use

The Cutco hunting knife is easy to operate, as you will pull it out from the leather sheath and cut through the tough objects in an easy way.

• Long lasting

Besides the blade being made from a rustproof material, the grip is also made to endure through wet or dry condition. For this, the blade will not soak up water or other dirt, which might make it wear out faster.

• Easy to clean

Even though you will be operating in the woods, your knife still needs to be clean enough. As you cut through the bushes, some particles could remain on the edge of the blade, this can inhibit the durability and sharpness of the blade. But you can clean the knife easily without any challenges, given the fact that it doesn’t fold in.

• The light weight

Along with the sharp edges lets you cut through easily, and without much pressure.

• Long lasting sharpness

The Cutco hunting knife has dug-in edges, which makes the sharpness to last for a longer time, and cut through tough materials.

• Balanced

The blade and the grip are well balanced, with a slight difference of about a quarter an inch. This lets you control it easily through the bushes and cut the thicket in a comfortable and easy way.

Why Choose Cutco Knives

There are many brands of knives, which come in good quality too, but the Cutco knives are special in their own. The Cutco company designs both hunting and kitchen knives, for that, you will expect an integration of features of the kitchen and hunting knives, which makes them unique. Here are other advantages that come with Cutco knives:

• Free Professional SharpeningWith many knife brand names, you will buy a knife, then they will give you a guide on how to keep it sharper for longer. Nevertheless, Cutco advises that you don’t sharpen the knife by yourself, rather, you send it back to them for professional sharpening. Once the knife is sharpened again, you will receive it back, for another durable cutting experience.

• Replacement, where necessary

Besides offering the free sharpening, the company will replace your knife, free of charge, if there is a need to. For instance, if you have used a knife for like 15 years or so, and it has been sharpened several times, the company will replace it for you. If you opt to send the Cutco hunting knife for sharpening, and it is worn out, the company will send you an exact knife, but a new one, without charging you any fee.


The Cutco hunting knife is great equipment, especially when you are deep in the woods. The best part is that you can enjoy free sharpening from the company or from a local sales person. You will not need to buy a file when you go out in the woods. The sharpness is long lasting, and the knife itself will last for long. This is another aspect that helps you have money and have a friendly encounter in the woods, with a sharp and durable partner. The size of the knife is also compact, along with its weight, which plays a huge role.