Best Multitool for Survival: These May Just Save You in an Emergency

The best survival multi tools have come a long way, from kits, knives, and shovels and from a variety of sizes, types, measurements, and materials. They drastically differ ever since since pre-historic man discovered (perhaps accidentally) their usefulness and convenience.

Nowadays though, handy all-in-1 multi-tools have flooded (definitely not by accident this time) the market. Whats even better is their credit card size.

The best multi tool for survival is just not for those living hand to mouth; these units find their handiness and expediency in many artisans, like mechanics, technicians, or electricians.

They also have become quite a fad and a sort of status symbol for adventurers, handymen, or just about anyone.

One thing is certain; you can’t argue how important this small mighty tool is, whether you’re on the road, against precipitous rock cliffs, in the garage, or just trying to pry open a can from the pantry.

Here are the best of several multi function survival tools out there based on research and customer reviews:


1. Victorinox SwissTool Spirit

 Tasco Varmint 2.5-10x 42mm True Mil-Dot Reticle

The Victorinox or SwissTool, as it is known familiarly, has practically remained unchanged over the past decades apart from a few minor improvements on its latest model – the Swiss Tool RS.

The maker of the original Swiss Army knife comes up again with this hardy multi-tool with stainless-steel body and that weighs just around 5.75-oz.

It packs a total of 27 functions, and amazes you no end at how it fits snugly in your hand and what wonders it can provide you in any likely occasion or glitch that needs immediate fixing.

A practical innovation in the Victorinox SwissTool Spirit model is its blunt-nosed pliers, which doubles up as an efficient 230-mm (9-inch) ruler when fully aligned.

When all the 24 foldable tools are fully deployed, its symmetrical appearance has the look of pure elegance in it.

With its truly indestructible and unbreakable feature, the SwissTool carries a lifetime warranty.

2. Leatherman OHT Coyote Tan w/Molle Black Sheath

Leatherman OHT Coyote Tan w/Molle Black Sheath

Leatherman’s wide array of multi-tools has certainly earned its rightful place among big names in this highly competitive industry.

Innovativeness accounts for most of its newly released product – the Leatherman OHT or one-handed tool.
The OHT’s clever design allows its user a one-handed deployment of all the tool’s 16 functions. Equally simple, yet, incredibly smart is the use of visual marks on the handle for easy identification of each interior tool.

The OHT includes an extended, precise, and folding pair of pliers that opens with a mere flick of the wrist and has a spring-loaded release.

To ensure the safety of the user, all the rest of the tools securely lock in place when one is in use on the Leatherman OHT.

The look, when fully deployed, brings to mind images of automatons in the hit movie ‘Transformers’.

It has a stainless-steel body perfect for outdoor adventures. The Leatherman OHT comes with a 25-year warranty.

3. SOG PowerAssist

 SOG PowerAssist

SOG demonstrates the range of it technology and experience in knife-making since 1986 in its latest multi-tool, the SOG PowerAssist.

The multi-tool makes use of a patented compound leverage device to open and lock two big blades (straight-edged and serrated) into place, with safety switches which you can press easily to avoid nicking yourself.

Another astounding feature of the folding tools includes a patented V-cut blade concealed by a hinged cover that provides a secure grip when you use the pliers.

Indeed, the conventional, yet, needle-nosed pliers can measure up to the precision and superior grip of the world famous Victorinox SwissTool, despite their lack of a spring-loaded release.

Arguably the best-looking multi-tool in its category, the SOG Power has 22 folding tools and a nylon sheath for easy transport.

4. Columbia River Knife and Tool 9070 Guppie Black and Grey Multitool

Columbia River Knife and Tool 9070 Guppie Black and Grey Multitool

5.25-inch Handle
Multi-tools compete with each other in terms of their multitude of functions. The Zilla-Tool can’t be faulted with that.

It doesn’t seem concerned about offering only a handful of functions and because of this, the Columbia River Knife and Toolzilla design comes out as the most unique among the group.

The tool is perfectly designed for the bare essentials. It doesn’t pretend to be everything to everyone.

What makes this tool sturdy and affords excellent grip is that the body itself acts as the other handle, while the hex tool secures screwdriver bits inside the handle.

A switch in the body’s midpoint releases the spring-loaded handle to unfold the needle-nosed pliers.

The Zilla is equipped with a thickset straight-edged blade that unfurls through a flipper which doubles as a blade guard for safety.

This hefty Zilla comes (as the only multi-tool) with a convenient built-in pocket clip, aside from the standard add-on nylon belt holster.

5.Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier, Black

 Gerber Black Diesel

This multi-tool is one with fewer functions than the others. It has 12.

The function tools include a wire cutter, cross point screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, pliers, scissors, saw and partly serrated blade.

It boasts of an authentic saw blade and a reliable pair of scissors, to boot. This slim, good-looking tool is highly efficient with its basic features, and slides inconspicuously into your pocket.

The stainless-steel Gerber Black Diesel is just as tough and well-equipped as those tools of other brands.

Its thin needle-nosed pair of pliers works smoothly with a flick of the wrist, the same as those on the Leatherman OHT, according to customer reviewers on Amazon.

With the sliding tool locks coming on strong and well-protected, unlocking them with gloves on or sweaty fingers can prove difficult, according to reviewers.

The Diesel comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The multi-tools come in their uniquely packed functions, form, size, and technology.