Best BB Gun: Plinker Reviews

Everybody has heard about the Daisy Red Ryder. But does that rifle or brand make it the best BB gun? Maybe . Maybe not.

A top rated B.B. pistol or rifle is fun for plinking cans and targets. A pellet gun is good for hunting squirrels, moles, birds, or other varmints. A good airgun can even be used for target practice or shooting competitions.

So lets shoot straight here: Well target these reviews about BB rifles and pistols in this article and explain types of equipment so you can make an educated decision about what to buy.


1. Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante CO2 .177-Caliber Pellet and BB Revolver

 Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante CO2 .177-Caliber Pellet and BB Revolver

The Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante looks a lot of fun because it uses CO2 and can use pellets or BBs. It has a slightly higher velocity than the Red Ryder but its still pretty low at 435 feet per second.

The three things Amazon reviewers noticed include its weight, accuracy, and noise. Here is a summary of what reviewers mention. The Vigilante is fairly heavy for being a revolver at about 2lbs, it also is accurate. Target practicing at 10 yards is no problem for this unit, and the only thing that most reviewers dislike about this plinker is that it is slightly loud. It can echo a bit.

2. Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun

  Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun

The Daisy Red Ryder is what many young boys wish for at Christmas. It is a classic and well suited as one of the best bb guns.

It has a low velocity at 350 feet per second, which makes it less dangerous than other plinkers. It does have good accuracy to ranges around 30 feet, and the Red Ryder will shoot through cans and cardboard at distance with ease, according to customer reviewers on Amazon.

Its super easy to use, though: Cock, aim, shoot. It doesnt get an easier.

Most reviewers like that it is mostly wood and metal. And it has no goofy accessories. Its simple, straightforward.

This is what most reviewers would call the best bb gun rifle.

3. Colt Defender Pistol (Black, Medium)

Colt Defender Pistol (Black, Medium)

The Colt Defender Pistol may rate as one of the best bb pistol gun on the market.

It is heavy and has a realistic feel to it, according to Amazon reviewers. The Defender is made of metal but has plastic grips and weighs almost as much as the read Defender. It will fit in all standard gun holsters.

It is very accurate because there is no blowback, and one CO2 canister will last about 80 to 100 shots, which is pretty good, according to customer reviewers on Amazon. The bad is that CO2 does not work well in cold weather.

Also, the unit has a built in 16-shot magazine, which some people may dislike. Removalable magazines are for easier reloading.

4. Crosman M4-177 Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle Review

Crosman M4-177 Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle Review

The Crossman air rifle looks like an AR15. It is an air rifle, but I included it because it looks cool.

It has an adjustable stock, which should make easier for different age ranges.

It is a good bb gun as most will like the look of this plinker.

The body is mostly plastic, but that should not detract from it. Amazon reviewers note that its solid and heavy and a decent scope that works within the 50-75 foot range would make this rifle a winner.

What are the types of BB Guns?

There are different types of airguns, which have different characteristics.

Co2 bb guns use a CO2 cylinder, which is a precharged canister that is pressurized. The pressure propels the weapons projectile through the barrel.

These require a constant supply of CO2 canisters, which makes them more expensive to shoot per shot. But they are convenient.

Pneumatic bb air rifle guns come in two varieties: Pump-up and pre-charged.

Americans are probably familiar with pump-up rifles. When you pump up a these rifles, they compress air that will propel the projectile.

One of the benefits is that you can adjust the power of the shot by pumping it multiple times. The downside is that these air pump BB guns require more time to reload the weapon for action.

Precharged pneumatic pump-up guns operate of a large reserve of pressured air, which is usually obtained from a hand pump or a SCUBA tank.

Precharged weapons are some of the most powerful bb guns and are very accurate but cost a lot.

Spring piston types of BB guns are often popular because they are reliable and used for target shooting even at competitions.

Spring piston BB guns use a spring and air piston to propel the ammo downwind.

They are accurate and consistent.

BB Gun vs Airsoft Gun: Pros and Cons

BB and Airsoft are used interchangeably by many people. They are both correct terms, but their are differences between the two.

Ammunition makes the difference between a BB gun and Airsoft gun. The easiest way to sight the difference is by looking at the muzzle on an Airsoft rifle or pistol, which as an orange tip.

Locked and loaded: Ammo used

When we think of BB guns, we think of metal round balls being fired from a good BB pistol or rifle. And that is the case. They shoot a .177 caliber steel, lead, or copper BB. This is the standard size; it fits in a 4.5mm diameter barrel.

Compare the metal ammo with the plastic ammo that Airsoft guns use.

Airsoft guns use a plastic spherical ball. The reasons is because airsoft weapons are designed to be used in sport games. These competitive games involve people shooting each other.

Airsoft weapons are less dangerous and harmful. But make no mistake about it: It still hurts when you get hit by one.

As you can see, you dont want an Airsoft gun for hunting varmints. You will want to buy a bb gun for hunting, possibly a unit that shoots pellets.

BB guns are more powerful because of the metal ball, which are denser and heavier. This heft adds an increase of energy on impact.

Another important point is that Airsoft BBs are 6mm 2.4mm larger than the 4.5mm metal balls for BB guns.

The 4.5mm size for BB guns fits in pellet guns, as well, which, also, use a 0.177 diameter barrel.

I have the power! But how accurate am I?

Muzzle velocity determines how airguns are rated. Muzzle velocity is the speed a projectile achieve after it exits the barrel of an air gun.

A faster weapon means it can shoot further and straighter. It has a more powerful shot.

This brings us to physics and Netwons formula about mass multiplied by acceleration equals force.

Youll find that airsoft and bb guns are rated by how many feet per second they shoot usually between 300 fps to more than 1000 fps for some of the most powerful pellet rifles.

There are exceptions but your intended use will determine a lot about how many feet per second you want your weapon to be.

The general progression from strongest to weakest is this: Pellet guns, BB guns, airsoft guns.

Can you hunt squirrels and bird with an airsoft gun?

For the most part, no. A normal airsoft gun will cause long term pain for the varmit. It wont kill it. It will bruise it, maybe break a bone, or cause internal bleeding. This is not effective pest control.

The animal will more likely die from starvation. An airsoft gun shoots at a low fps. The same holds true of a good BB gun.

A pellet gun also know as an air rifle is what you want. Air rifle pellet guns shoot at more than 1000 fps.

Another factor to consider is that metal has more density and weight, which allows for more impact power and an ability to shoot a target a distance with accuracy.

What can I shoot with my BB Guns and Airsoft Guns?

You cant hunt game unless you have a pellet rifle, but you can use your BB gun for target practice and plinking.

If you buy an Airsoft gun, you can use it for sport. Find a location near you that allows you to participate in competitions, where those soft plastic BBs are used.