5 Tips for Hunting Raccoons at Night

Hunting-Raccoons-at-NightWhen it comes to an Aimpoint PRO review, there are many hunters who credit this “Patrol Rifle Optic” (PRO) as the best aimpoint for hunters and shooters on the market today. The product is a high-tech and state-of-the-art “ared-dot scope” that is widely used by military tactical shooters and cops nationwide. In turn, the Aimpoint PRO is perfect for anyone into fire arms and rifles that needs this super quality reflex sight that gives shooters “unlimited” sighting and eye relief during those tactical hunting efforts when true fact action response can make all the difference between success and failure.


Five tips for hunting raccoons at night

Imagine hutting raccoons at night when the moon and stars are not out? Among a hunter’s “five tips for hunting raccoons at night, for example, the top tip is to use this Aimpoint PRO. In fact, there are many longtime hunters commenting online about relying on this scope for finding raccoons and other targets even when it’s pitch-dark outside.

Sharpshooters also praise this Patrol Rifle Optic because it is specially designed for all types of evening hunting. The product is also priced competitively; while boasting a top gun optic for all budgets.

The Aimpoint PRO features include:

– The best optic for any and all rifles and other firm arms, say longtime shooters commenting online.

– The product is made of aluminum and a “hard-anodized” body that ensures true protection of its high-tech electronics and glass during difficult and regular use in all climates and environments.

– It features overall protection of the PRO’s front glass. This translates to a high quality product that is multi-coated for all types of viewing; while no worries about the glass being scratched thanks to a special protective coating.

– The optic device provides true eye relief and a 30,000 hour battery. The device uses a high-tech 3V lithium battery that lasts, on average, upwards of three years.

– The PRO is fully resistant to water; while test at upwards of 150 feet and temperatures that range from negative 50 to an impressive 160 degrees F.

– It includes a cool transparent rear lens cap that is great for quick hunting or other shooting situations; while adaptable in all weather conditions.

– The optics famed “two minute” red dot device angles great for all shooting situations, say happy customers commenting online.

– A special “band-pass” front lens coating allows this night-vision rifle aiming device to reveal targets even during the darkest of times.

– Its matte black finish and 30 mm housing is viewed as “awesome” and truly impressive when it comes to night vision scopes, say longtime shooters and hunters.

– The device features a QRO2 mount that never lets shooters down because its “torque-limiting” knob is designed for over tightening prevention and true speedy installation. The manufacturer notes that all a hunter needs to do when enjoying this night scope is turn the device knob three times for quick lock and load of this high-tech optic to any rifle or firearm.

In general, this optic hunting and shooting rifle device is all about adaptability and proven high-level of performance with an impressive 1X magnification. It can also be used with popular M4/AR-15-rifles, states the manufacture.

Aimpoint always has a hunter’s back

While the U.S. military and police departments rely on the Aimpoint PRO for accuracy in real-world shooting situations, longtime hunters also rely on this optic device for full night vision and eye sight even at distances of upwards of 50 yards away. This impressive fact is not lost on hunters who say their overall result may hang on if they can properly see and locate their target. This device does the trick each and every time with its Lucid 2-5X magnifier that makes this “PRO,” a true pro in every aspect of a shooter’s needs outdoors when hunting.

High-tech optic ready for all situations

This optic device is a true mounted magnifier wonder, say happy customers commenting online about their favorite Aimpoint PRO rifle device. They say its optics is great for night vision and fact action shooting that requires aiming and magnifying technology that has been tested in plenty of real-life situations. For instance, there are many soldiers and cops who swear by this optic for “serious” shooting in all lighting and weather conditions.

The device is also built for true fast action when a need for speed really can make the difference between a good result and failure during an outdoor hunting situation. The device is manufactured by Aimpoint at the user friendly Aimpoint.com website. It is 5.1″ in length and weighs just about 12 ounces with its mount that is offered as an accessory. In general, this optic offers “unlimited” eye relief during difficult night shooting scenarios.

High powered rifle scope excels

The Aimpoint PRO is legendary as a true Patrol Rifle Optic that uses a red dot reticle at (2 m.o.a), while also has an impressive 1X magnification that hunters appreciate. In fact, many shooters also appreciate the solid performance of this optic without any real reduction in brightness during regular and stressed dark night hunting. It is a true high-powered scope, say longtime shooters who rely on this device for both self-defense and tactical situations.

Overall, there has never been a better time to purchase an Aimpoint PRO because it’s a proven top quality rifle optic that never lets shooters down.