What are the Best Airsoft Goggles on the Market?

What are the Best Airsoft Goggles on the Market?
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Don’t ever make the mistake of going into airsoft combat without wearing a protective gear for your eyes whether the best airsoft goggles or a full face mask.

In the heat of the game, pellets can very well shoot into your eyes or up your nose. You can never predict when an opponent gives you an in-your-face headshot and inflict serious damage to your eyes.

A full-face mask protects the whole face but it could get hot, restrict vision, and somehow limit one’s movements.

Many opt for goggles because of the freedom of movement that they allow. In this case, do find some separate lower-face protection.

1. Airsoft Safety Goggles by US Marine Corps

 Airsoft Safety Goggles by US Marine Corps

The Airsoft Safety Goggles by US Marine Corps meet the requirements of ANSI Z87, and ensures safety of the eyes against impact, radiation and chemical exposure.

They have anti-fog ventilation, with easy-to-open vents on the underside for quick defogging and ample air flow.

It is equipped with shatter-resistant polycarbonate, tinted lenses to protect against glare and help deflect UV rays.

This wonderful and sturdy pair by US Marine Corps comes with an adjustable elastic strap that will fit both adults and kids comfortably.

So if you’re looking for a simple, no-frills pair of goggles that’s high on protection and visual clarity, this could be your choice.

2. Lancer Tactical airsoft safety goggles

Lancer Tactical airsoft safety goggles

With the Lancer Tactical Airsoft Safety Goggles, you can play airsoft all you want and still be safe.

It offers full seal protection for the eyes, coupled with a foam padding liner for maximum comfort.

Also, a resilient, shatterproof polycarbonate lens keeps your eyes safe from possible serious damage.

These tactical safety glasses provide you a much wider field of view with its clear lens CA-221T.

For maximum cooling, you’ll admire the product’s Ultra-Vent system (a vented mask) that delivers optimum air flow and protects the lens from fogging, while restraining small particles from getting in.

It also provides an adjustable elastic strap for custom-fitting and comfortable wear.

If you wear it with a mesh, the duo would make a great protective gear for the face.

In addition, this durable airsoft goggles comes with a 30-day Manufacturer’s Warranty.

3.Lancer Tactical Airsoft Safety Eye Protection Full Seal Foam Pad Vented Goggles

Lancer Tactical Airsoft Safety Eye Protection Full Seal Foam Pad Vented Goggles

The Lancer Tactical Airsoft Safety Eye combines high performance and ultimate protection and safety, which merits level II protection.

The lens is proven capable of deflecting 0.2-gram BBs from long distance (around 7.0m) to point blank range (0.5m) barrage from 450 fps airsoft sniper rifles.

Its combined qualities of full 180-degree view, anti-glare lens, and anti-fog ventilation deliver a clear view in any kind of play and weather possible.

Its design allows the wearer to use a low profile iron sight for precision shooting.

Adjustable elastic straps hug your head comfortably if tightened.

If it’s the ultimate in protection you’re looking for, then this device should be a great choice.

4. Tactical Airsoft Metal Mesh Protective Glasses

 Tactical Airsoft Metal Mesh Protective Glasses

Tactical Airsoft Metal Mesh Protective Glasses are different from the rest.

They are made of metal and hard plastic that can withstand impact of up to 1.9 joules.

It’s a mesh, so fog shouldn’t be a problem. Foam surrounds the interior frame to enhance comfort and fit.

It is kept in place by an elastic strap that makes the goggles compatible with almost any type of headgear.

What to look for in the best airsoft goggles that dont fog

The first criterion you’d be looking for in a pair of goggles is the level of protection it gives you. It has to withstand BBs fired at CQB distances.

Next, check out whether the pair doesn’t fog up. Check for comfort and ventilation.

Then, if you’re wearing prescription glasses for sight, you’d want one that would fit your eyewear inside.

Normally, you’d want your gear and accessories to look cool; for goggles, protective requirements come first, followed by visual clarity, then comfort.

Looks count last, unless you prefer pellets shattering cheap glass and damaging your eyes.

What are the best airsoft goggles for glasses?

The UTG goggles provide the protection needed during rough play; its design accommodates an iron sight for more precise shooting; it has wider field of view than is common for most goggles; its features include anti-fog and anti-reflection; and it’s comfortable to wear.

For those with prescription glasses, the goggles can be easily worn over them. A pair conveniently fits the budget, too. Make sure to protect your eyes!