Best IWB Holster for Glock 26 Pistols on the Market

Best IWB Holster for Glock 26 Pistols on the Market
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The Glock 26 is a sub-compact 9mm semi-automatic pistol that comes with extendable ten-round magazines of up to 12 rounds.

It has a durable polymer frame construction which makes it particularly lightweight and perfect for concealed carrying as a backup weapon for law enforcement personnel, as well as civilians, for target shooting.

Lugging your Glock 26, or any kind of gun for that matter, inside your waistband sans a holster can be totally uncomfortable and unsafe, to say the least.

A high incidence in accidental firing of guns occurs with this kind of gun-carrying practice. It is best to find a holster that matches your Glock 26 to a T for safe and comfortable carry, and fast and easy draw.

You’re in luck because Glock 26 has a wide array of holsters available in the market with which to choose from. It comes in all shapes, sizes, and methods of carry, like the shoulder, ankle, and inside the waistband (IWB).

The IWB method positions the gun between the body and the waistband of your pants. It comes in four various positions of carry: the conventional strong side, the cross-draw, the appendix carry, and the small of back carry.

Here are some of the top picks in the market you could browse to help you decide which one to buy for your Glock 26.

1. Glock Pro Carry Leather Holster

Glock Pro Carry Leather Holster

Glock Pro Carry holster by The Holster Store is made from high quality leather – 100% American cowhide – with black finish, soft and smooth leather lining, which should provide a fast and easy draw.

Every Pro Carry holster is guaranteed double-back stitched at the stress points for utmost durability and reliability.

This super lightweight holster provides a heavy-duty gun-blued metal clip ensuring secure attachment to the belt and affording optimum comfort when standing or sitting.

This right-hand oriented holster (left-hand orientation available upon request) will fit your Glock 26, 27, and 33 snugly while safely shielding the trigger section completely for safety, but leaving the entire stretch of the grip open for an easy and sure grab when drawing.

You won’t get a more fashionable holster within the price range of this unit.

2. Galco Summer Comfort Inside Pant Holster for Glock 26, 27, 33

Galco Summer Comfort Inside Pant Holster for Glock 26, 27, 33

The Galco Summer Comfort holster for Glock 26 pistols is available in both right- and left-hand orientations.

It is made of superior saddle leather and finely finished, thus, it molds easily to the body for extreme comfort with or without an undershirt, according to customer reviews on Amazon and gun forums.

Tough and super lightweight, this Summer Comfort holster provides a snap-on design which makes attaching and detaching from the belt (fits up to 1 ¾” x ¾” belt) easy without need to take the belt off, according to customer reviews on Amazon and gun forums.

It also has a high ride height and forward cant, which makes sitting and riding in a car extremely comfortable, according to reviews on gun forums, websites, and Amazon.

It is truly an impeccably made IWB holster for the Glock 26, 27, and 33 series.

3.DTOM Ultimate Tuck IWB (Inside the Waistband) Hybrid Holster

DTOM Ultimate Tuck IWB (Inside the Waistband) Hybrid Holster

The Glock IWB Hybrid’s really a good-looking holster. You wouldn’t mind showing it off every once in a while although that would be defeating its purpose entirely.

It is made from top quality FoxX leather that outlines the body comfortably, according to customer reviews on gun forums, websites, and Amazon. It has a sturdy .06-inch black Kydex mold securely attached to the leather, especially designed to fit the Glock 26, 27, and 33 pistols.

It features an adjustable ride height and forward cant with two black spring steel clips screwed onto the leather support that fit up to a 1 ¾ “ x ¼ “ belt neatly.

Being lightweight and tuckable, it is rather easy to conceal and feels very comfortable, according to customer reviews on gun forums, websites, and Amazon.

The Hybrids are manufactured by FoxX Holsters with durability, performance, and comfort in mind to last you a lifetime.

For the color, you can either choose black or natural tan.

Tips for buying the best inside the waistband holster for a Glock 26 on the market

Glock 26 has the advantage of being small and compact – making it easy to conceal. Nevertheless, a comfortable and durable IWB would be highest on a gun owner’s list.

Straps vs. clip-ons: Inside the waistband (IWB) concealment holsters are generally secured either through a strap or a metal clip.

A strap takes time to don and take off, but it will completely secure your holster to your hips without fear of it being detached. While a clip-on holster may be most convenient and easy to put on and off, it can also easily fall off after drawing or it is likely to detach if you fall down accidentally.

Custom-made as against manufactured holsters: Most manufactured IWB holsters are made of tough quality materials but remember each gun requires a holster that best matches its size and fit. Holsters rarely come in all belt widths, and this makes choosing the right size a little bit complicated.

You can customize your holster according to your personal preferences and the precise belt width to boot. So if you can find a holster company that can accommodate your request for customization, go for that option.

Using the right belt: Belts are not an integral part of a holster per se, yet they affect much of the holster’s performance: a slightly loose or overly tight belt can make a whale of difference in terms of gun safety and convenience.

Belts are critical in supporting the gun’s weight and provide vertical leverage to the IWB, thereby preventing it from slackening away from your body. They come in widths of 1¼, 1½, and 1¾ inches and are made of genuine leather or synthetic materials.